Name Salmon Mousses


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* 12oz (350g) fresh
* 1 oz (25g) gelatine
* 4 tablespoons cold water
* 10 1/2 oz (298g) can condensed consomme soup
* 1/2 pint (300ml) double cream, whipped
* 3/4 pint (450ml) good thick mayonnaise
* juice of 1 lemon
* salt
* freshly ground black pepper
* 1 tablespoon freshly chopped parsley
* chopped fresh dill to garnish (optional)

1. Arrange the salmon in a cooking dish, cover and cook on full power for 4 minutes. Flake the flesh.
2. Put the gelatine in a microproof bowl with the water and leave for 5 minutes to form a sponge, then heat on full power for 1 minute to dissolve the gelatine. Allow to cool slightly, then stir in the consomme. In another bowl, blend the cream, mayonnaise and lemon juice together, then fold in the cooked flaked salmon and three-quarters of the consomme. Taste to check the seasoning. Divide the mixture between eight ramekin dishes and leave to set.
3. Stir the parsley into the remaining consomme, heating a little in the microwave if necessary, and carefully spoon over the mousse. Chill until required and serve decorated with dill.

Power Level: Full
Cooking Time: 5 Minutes
Serves: 8

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