Name Minced Chicken Patties


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1 chicken,
100 g butter,
4 egg yolks,
80 g cheese,
1 cup milk,
1/2 cup bread crumbs.

1 tbsp flour,
1 tbsp butter,
1/2 lemon, sugar, salt.
Separate chicken meat from bones, run twice through meat grinder, add 2 tbsp melted butter, 4 egg yolks, grated cheese, milk, salt. Mix well.
Divide the ready mass into small portions, dredge in bread crumbs and panfry in butter till ready. Fry chicken bones and cook stock. Brown flour in butter, add some stock to make a thin sauce, cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Add lemon juice, salt, sugar and some burnt sugar to give it coloring.
Serve with fried potatoes, rice or any other vegetables or cereal side dish. Sauce is served separately.

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