Name Fish Rolls


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1 kg zander,
4 eggs,
10 peppercorns,
3 nay leaves,
6 cups water,
1/2 cup of 9% vinegar,
1 onion.
6 eggs,
2 tbsp vegetable oil,
1-2 tbsp vinegar,
1 tsp prepared mustard and sugar,
4-5 tbsp sour cream,
1 tbsp chopped cucumbers and marinated mushrooms, salt.

Fillet zander with skin. Put finely chopped hard-boiled eggs, parsley on the pieces of fillets, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll the fillet and tie. Ada vinegar, onion, bay leaf, pepper to boiling water along with zander rolls and cook. Leave rolls in this marinate to cool. Remove hem, cut into pieces and serve with sauce.
Sauce: Blend egg yolks with vegetable oil, vinegar, prepared mustard, sugar and salt. Add paste to cucumbers, marinated mushrooms and sour cream.

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