Name Cold Stuffed Chicken


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15 Ingredients:
1 chicken,
300 g lean pork or veal,
1 carrot,
1 onion,
1 parsley root,
100 g bacon,
3 eggs,
400 g milk,
1 g nutmeg,
pepper, salt to taste.

Draw the chicken, separate the skin and the flesh from bones. Cut pork or veal into pieces, mix with the chicken meat and run twice through meat grinder. Add diced bacon, raw egg, nutmeg and milk. Mix well, adding salt and pepper. Put the mince into the chicken skin, sew it together and shape as a whole chicken. Wrap in cheese-cloth, tie with string, place in casserole, fill with cold water. Add salt, vegetable roots, onion, bring to the boiling point, remove scum and simmer I-IV2 hours. When done, remove chicken and place on dripping-pan back down under a light press, chill, Serve cold. On festive occasions cover the chicken with a coat of mayonnaise with jelly, garnish with vegetables, pieces of hard-boiled egg, parsley and dill. Chill. Add another coating of jelly and chill again.

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