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Flaky or Rough Puff Pastry, made with
* 250g (8 oz) flour, etc
* Beaten egg or milk, to glaze
* Parsley, to garnish

* Chicken
* Ham
* Salmon or
* White Fish

OVEN: Pre-heat to very hot (230°C 450°F, Gas No. 8) SHELF: Second from top
1. Have ready a dampened baking sheet.
2. Make Flaky or Rough Puff Pastry.
3. Roll out to 1 cm (1/2 inch) in thickness. Cut into rounds with a well-floured 6 cm (2 1/2 inch) plain cutter.
4. With a well-floured 3.5 cm (1 1/2 inch) plain cutter, cut through centre of each pastry round almost to bottom, but do not remove pastry from centre.
5. Place on baking sheet. Leave to rest in refrigerator or cold place for 15 minutes.
6. Brush over the top with beaten egg or milk.
7. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes.
8. Remove from oven and cool slightly. With the blade of a knife, remove cut out centre piece from Bouchee cases taking care to leave bottom piece of pastry in position. Keep top crusts and using a teaspoon handle remove the soft parts and discard.
9. Make filling.
10. Place a 5ml spoon (teaspoon) of the prepared filling in each case, piling mixture up in the middle. 11. Put top crusts on filling at an angle and garnish with a small sprig of parsley.
Serve immediately.

Makes 8 Bouchee cases.
Freezing note: These are best frozen unfilled in a rigid polythene container.

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