Name Bacon _ wrapped Sausages


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* 500 g (1 lb) pork sausages
* 125 g (4 oz) Cheddar cheese, sliced
* 8 rashers of bacon
* 4 teaspoons French mustard

1. Cook the sausages over the medium-hot coals on a preheated barbecue for about 15 minutes, turning them occasionally, until evenly browned.
2. Remove the sausages from the heat and split them lengthways, almost through. Fill with the cheese slices and then press the sausages together again. Spread the bacon rashers with mustard and wrap around the sausages, securing the ends with wooden cocktail sticks.
3. Place the bacon-wrapped sausages on the grill and cook over medium coals for a further 5 minutes, turning the sausages once or twice, until the cheese melts and the bacon is crisp. Serve with a mixed green salad and some potato crisps.

Serves: 4

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