Name Stuffed Zander Under Mayonnaise


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l'/2 kg zander,

1 carrot,

1 parsley root,

5 onions,

1 bay leaf,

10 peppercorns,

350 g mayonnaise sauce,

100 g jelly,

120 g bread,

100 g milk,

2 eggs,

2 tbsp butter,

30 g margarine, salt.

Put the flesh and onion through a meat grinder, mix with whole-wheat bread soaked in milk and squeezed dry. Add butter, salt and pepper. Put through meat grinder again. Fill the fish skin with mince, wrap in two layers of cheese cloth, tie ends with string and place in pan greased with margarine. Cover with stock to 1/3 of the body's height. Cover with wax paper and place in oven. When done, chill and place on dish covering it with mayonnaise sauce and jelly. The mayonnaise sauce should be well stirred when pouring. Garnish the fish with crawfish tails, fancy cuts of vegetables, parsley, lemon, etc.

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