siemens coffee machine cleaning tabletsThis tutorial will teach you how to clean and descale completely Siemens EQ.300 automatic coffee machine with overpriced Siemens pills and with AliExpress.

Siemens calc'n'clean pills are very overpriced, they cost like 10 dollars.

But AliExpress ones cost only 2 dollars and clean the coffee machine very good for their price.







 Want to learn more about how to calc'n'clean Siemens EQ 300? Then check out this video for more detailed info.

siemens cleaning tablets

To understand when your coffee machine needs calc'n'clean, there will be a blue light under calc'n'clean

siemens eq series cleaning tablets

Put some big cup before you start and don't take it out until it's finished.

siemens coffee machine descaling tablets

So here are our pills we bought and overpriced Siemens pills and from AliExpress.

descaling siemens coffee machine

Let's start cleaning and descaling our coffee machine.

descaling tablets siemens

It's done, so now we can take out the cup.

siemens eq cleaning tablets

After that steps, your coffee will be more delicious than ever before.

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