front brake pad replacement costWe replaced brake pads on front disc brakes.

It takes around 60 min to do both disc brakes and is really easy.

Front brake pads cost around 40 euro and all you need are some wrenches, a DIY vise, and a jack to lift the car. ANYONE (Even I) CAN DO THIS!!!

The brakes are working perfect now, but, we know now, that after brake pads we need to replace the caliper boot...

It's a very important, cause if the caliper boot has a hole, dust will spoil the caliper and brakes will be broken.

Price for changing brake pads this way is free.


If this video will be interesting for users (subscribe :) ), next time we will show you how to replace the caliper boot.

This procedure will be similar on most HYUNDAI cars such as I20, I30 KIA Rio etc.


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