bike tube protector instalationSpikes and thorns from plants are a huge problem for my bicycle at this island. We installed Anti-Puncture tire Protector Tape from AliExpress and cycled more than 300 kilometers after, did not get any puncture yet... We tested it and it really works for plants seeds with spikes...  We paid 4 euro for this tape at AliExpress. 

This tape is OK, it really helps me... I'm happy not to fix my bike inner tube each week now...  



cycle tire protector tireliner

2 tapes for each wheel.

inner tube protector from aliexpress

Tire size. We need 27.5, as you can see...

bicycle inner tube antipuncture


inner tube repair and protection

A lot of holes here, spikes and thorns everywhere...

tube protector installing

 This protection is OK. We can recommend it.