high temp castable refractoryIf you have the same problem as us with our Landmann grill burner having a hole inside, then this guide is for you.

We ordered this high heat-resistant cement Visbella from AliExpress for 5 euros.

But be careful, to don't do the mistake we did.

Don't put a lot of it because it will make a bubble in the end after heating, and it has a possibility to make a whole.








 Watch this video to learn how to use this exhaust system heat-resistant Cement Visbella.

High Temp Cement Visbella

It can resist temperatures until 2012 Fahrenheit (1,100 °C).

It is also Iron reinforced.

Visbella High-Temperature Cement

Again don't do this mistake it can be okay at first but then after heating there will be a bubble, and it will make a hole in the end.

high temperatures and harmful gases

Now it's time to try to heat it after 1 day of the cement drying.

high temperature refractory cement recipe

First we painted the grill and the burner with heat-resistant black paint, and then we heated it and here you can see the bubble getting bigger. 

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