parkside 20v cordless led work lightThe Parkside 20V Cordless LED Work Light was a bit disappointing. Despite the reflectors shown in the pictures, the light doesn't spread out as much as I had hoped. Instead, it produces a strong, focused spot of light. While it will definitely come in handy at some point, I still prefer my smaller, less bright cordless worklight from LIDL that has a better light spread.

  • Check the brightness and illumination level.
  • Assess the battery life and charging time.
  • Look for durability and weather resistance.
  • Consider the adjustability and flexibility of the light.
  • Verify compatibility with other Parkside 20V tools.
  • Explore additional features such as multiple light modes.




One advantage of the Parkside work light is its large battery footprint, making it more stable to stand on its own. Additionally, it's easier to keep working for longer periods by simply swapping out the battery, assuming you have spares on hand. However, the battery drains faster than my preferred worklight. I think the classification of the Parkside work light as a camping/torchlight is more accurate than as a DIY worklight, as it doesn't spread the light as well for practical tasks.

arkside 20v light

No battery and no charger insideā€¦ Ahh, this pain for newbies.

lidl parkside rechargeable work light

And the instructions how to use it on the back.

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