Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon RamsayIngradients dressing:
1 chili
1 tsp tamarind paste
1 tsp Parma sugar
1 lime
100 g peanuts

Ingradients salad:
1/2 pineapple
1 apple
1 pear
1 cucumber
1 mango

Made dressing:
Right one of my favorites it's a tangy fruit salad. For breakfast would you believe start off with a chili.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay1
Now give a chili a little rub so here those seeds being released get your knife and come all the way down. Turn it over and just slice it into fork and then finely chop that chili. I want this salad slightly hot suddenly use all the chili but 1/2 the seeds. The seeds are where the heat is so the less you use the mulder.
Your dish lassi chopped next one of my favorite pace tamarind paste.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay2

This is quite tart quite sour but it's a wonderful complement to the sweetness of the fruit and goes brilliantly well with a chili Parma sugar. And this is where it sweetens up the dressing as it enriches. It then the zest and the juice of a lime cut into quarters.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay3

And then twist the line seem maximized and all. That juice out now to finish.
That dressing off some toasted peanuts get.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay4

That pan nice and hot no touch of salt that'll help dry roast the peanuts even quicker. Make sure we get a really nice dark color on those peanuts.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay5

Because it will really transform that dressing. To crush your roasted nuts the mess free way. Simply wrap them in a clean cloth and use a rolling pin or a pan. To bash them crush that's the hard bit done.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay6

Made salad:
Now for the fruit. Here's an easy way to prep a pineapple. Pineapple take off the top take off the bottom and stand it up. Use the culinary knife and follow it down basically like shaving the pineapple. Don't worry about these little spikes they're the secret behind doing it this way it's not losing half the pineapple.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay7

There's nothing wrong with a few Brown bits it's all good fiber. Slice the pineapple in half and then slice down each quarter slice across. Chop delicious pineapple chunks.
Next apples and pears diced then to give a lovely fresh.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay8
Light note deseeded cucumber. I don't want the seeds in the fruit salad the cucumber seeds will.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay9

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay10
Make your baby water in dilute the strength for that wonderful chili. In cucumber in for some sweetness delicious mango.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay11

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay12

Just slice it nicely your dressing and just drizzle that over the fruit salad. In secret of a good fruit salad it's not drowning in the dressing.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay13

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay14

But really makes sure that you've got that nice coating on all the fruits. Don't worry about just having for breakfast. Because this is the kind of tangy for excited. You can have for lunch a healthy snack in the afternoon. But it transforms a traditional fruit salad into something really delicious spicy.

Tangy Fruit Salad Made Gordon Ramsay16

Fruit salad with a kick of Chile. Trust me is an incredible breakfast.