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Storaging-Appetisers_cMany items may be frozen as first courses, or for serving at parties, and a number of these can also be used for a light meal. Additionally Soups, Savoury Flans and Pancakes with savoury fillings can be used as meal starters. Among appetisers there are: canapes, bacon-wrapped appetisers, cheese pastries, savoury choux pastries, vol-au-vent cases, dips and spreads, meat and game pates, fish pates, potted shrimps, quiche lorraine, pizza.


Preparation and packing Used day-old bread cut in shapes. Spread with butter to edge of bread and use spreads suitable for freezing. Freeze unwrapped on baking trays and wrap in foil or polythene for storage.

Thawing and servicing Put on serving tray 1 hour before serving.

Special notes: Canapes are best made with bread for freezing, not toast or fried bread. Avoid hard-cooked egg whites and mayonnaise in toppings. Aspic topping can be used and will keep toppings moist, but becomes cloudy after thawing.

Bacon-wrapped appetisers

Preparation and packing Wrap bacon round fillings, secure with cocktail sticks, and freeze quickly unwrapped on trays. Pack in polythene bags for storage.

Thawing and serving Put frozen appetisers under grill or in hot oven until bacon is crisp.

Storage time 2 weeks. Special notes: Suitable fillings are chicken livers, cocktail sausages, or prunes stuffed with cream cheese.

Cheese pastries

Preparation and packing Pastry made with cheese to use as the basis of canapes or savouries, or in the form of cheese straws, should be cut in shapes, and frozen on trays before packing into bags for storage.

Thawing and serving Bake unthawed at 400°F (Gas Mark 6) for 5 to 15 minutes according to size, until golden and crisp, and serve hot.

Storage time 4 months.

Savoury choux pastries

Preparation and packing Prepare choux pastry puffs and freeze when baked. Freeze fillings in waxed or rigid plastic containers.

Thawing and serving Put frozen puffs in oven heated to 300°F (Gas Mark 2) for 10 minutes. Cool, cut open and fill. Heat fillings gently in double boiler and cool before filling puffs.

Storage time 1 month.

Special notes: Good fillings for freezing are creamed chopped chicken or ham, creamed mushrooms, creamed shrimps, and rich cheese sauce.

Vol-au-vent cases

Preparation and packing Prepare pastry cases and freeze fillings separately as for Savoury Choux Pastries.

Thawing and serving Thaw cases at room temperature for 1 hour and bake as fresh pastry. Heat fillings in double boiler before filling cases.

Storage time 4 months.

Special notes: The same fillings can be used as for Savoury Choux Pastries but ingredients may be a little more coarsely chopped.

Dips and spreads

Preparation and packing Recipes should be based on cottage or cream cheese. Avoid salad dressings, mayonnaises, hard-cooked egg whites or crisp vegetables. Pack in waxed or rigid plastic containers.

Thawing and serving Thaw in containers at room temperature for 5 hours.

Storage time 1 month.

Special notes: Label carefully, noting additions needed on thawing, Such as salad dressing. Dips containing garlic, onion or bacon must be very carefully packed to avoid cross-flavouring in the freezer.

Meat and game pates

Preparation and packing Prepare to standard recipes. Cook in loaf tins or in individual pots for freezing and serving. Chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours before freezing, and turn large pates out of tins and wrap in foil for freezing and storage.

Thawing and serving Thaw in their wrappings, in the refrigerator tor 6 hours, and eat quickly after thawing.

Storage time 1 month.

Fish pates

Preparation and packing Pate made with smoked fish or roe blended with oil or butter is best packed in small individual containers with lids.

Thawing and serving Thaw in refrigerator for 3 hours; stir gently to blend.

Storage time 1 month.

Potted shrimps

Preparation and packing Freshly cooked shrimps packed in seasoned butter keep well in individual containers with lids. Chill in refrigerator before covering and storing in freezer.

Thawing and serving Thaw in containers at room temperature for 2 hours.

Storage time 6 months.

Quiche lorraine

Preparation and packing Bake Quiche Lorraine in foil case, ready for freezing, or in flan ring. Cool quickly and wrap in foil. Pack in box to avoid damage.

Thawing ana serving Thaw in refrigerator for 6 hours to serve cold. Heat at 350°F (Gas Mark 4) for 20 minutes to serve hot.

Storage time 2 months.


Preparation and packing Prepare Pizza on flat foil plate and bake. Wrap in foil for storage.

Thawing and serving Unwrap and thaw at room temperature for 1 hour, then bake at 375°F (Gas Mark 5) for 25 minutes and serve very hot.

Storage time 1 month.

Special notes: Anchovies may be omitted from topping as their saltiness may cause rancidity in the fatty cheese during storage, and they can be added at the reheating stage. Fresh herbs should be used rather than dried.

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